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June 2018 Newsletter

Grace and peace to you from God the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The American flag is flying at half mast, as ordered by the 45th President of the United States of America, in memory of the victims of the most recent school shooting in the state of Texas.

On a recent music awards show the celebrity was asked by the producers to offer a moment of silence during the program and she said something like, “Of course, we pray for the victims of the school shooting but we have to do more than just a moment of silence!”

Feb. 14th was the massacre of seventeen students in Parkland Florida and many signs had writing on them like “we don’t need your prayers, we want action” or “no more moments of silence, stop the killing now”.

Grief, outrage and anger are all normal human reactions during these horrific events; those of you who attended the Ash Wednesday service on Feb. 14th witnessed how difficult it was for me to get through the sermon that night.

As Kimberly and I attended the Pirates Ball First Responders Night in early April, there was supposed to be a moment of silence for Cpl Brian Shaw (who was murdered while on duty) before the game began. Sadly, I heard someone having to give a loud “shhhhhhsh” to people who were talking so that other fans and first responders present could participate in the moment of silence.

These tragic events made me ponder and question why it is that a moment of silence is now under attack…………