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April 2018 Newsletter

Grace and peace to you from God the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

As you are all well aware, we are celebrating Easter Sunday on April 1st this year! No joke! The time will also be moved an hour ahead to 10:00 am. No joke!
April is a time when we all look forward to Spring and warm weather, but as I am writing this, we are already under three inches of snow! Kimberly and I were able to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary in Germany last year in Advent, during the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, which was very special to us both. The latest picture up in my office, over my right shoulder, is a photo of a small bedroom that is focused on a simple chair and writing desk with sunlight pouring into the windows. The desk and chair belonged to Rev. Dr. Dietrich Bonhoeffer………..